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Transforming lives through sports and wellness, Klinic Kids is more than just a program; it's a catalyst for positive change in young lives. By bringing together top-notch basketball coaches and trainers, we don’t just develop skilled athletes; we nurture well-rounded individuals. Our approach is unique, blending physical training with mental health support, ensuring each child’s journey with us is enriching and empowering.


What sets us apart? Our curriculum, crafted by the brightest minds in education, including Kashif "Kash" Hameed, a former pro basketball player turned esteemed principal, and Dr. Sireen Irsheid, an NYU professor specializing in mental health intricacies. Our trainers, mostly former professional athletes, share a deep connection with the communities they serve, fostering authentic, meaningful relationships with our participants.


The impact? It's profound and lasting. We foster transformative experiences to hundreds of children. Join us in this vital mission. Your support helps us continue to offer these life-changing opportunities, making a lasting difference in the lives of young athletes and future leaders.

Physical Health


Being mentally healthy in childhood means reaching developmental and emotional milestones, learning healthy social skills and how to cope and stay resilient when there are challenges. We achieve this through focusing on the following areas:

- Individualized Drills

- Team Building Activities

- Social Emotional Learning

- Positive Affirmations

- Small Group Instruction

- Wellness Breaks

- Healthy Snack Stations


We bring social emotional learning outside of the classroom for the day and present kids with fun, exciting and challenging activities within the game of basketball that are designed to reinforce a positive self image and a healthy mental well being.

Build Self Image
Sports skills development


For one day, every single participant will feel from the very beginning of the experience that they are a part of something special. Our trainers are able to make quick assessments and provide training based on the participants individual skill level and also give some of the tips and tricks that only the real pros know. Every participant leaves with a stronger sense of accomplishment, self-esteem and confidence, taking with them tools to aid them on and off the basketball court.


If you're interested in assisting as a trainer or volunteering at any of our Klinic Kids events, we would love to hear from you. Maybe basketball is more of a spectator sport for you, but you would love to assist our kids financially or with gifts that can aid our cause, we definitely welcome your help as well.


Contact us and find out more about how you can lend a helping hand or donate today.

sports and life skills
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